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A great and momentous decision was taken by some very illustrious eminent scholars, political ideologues, thinkers and seers to establish an apex body to propagate and disseminate Juche Idea far and wide in different countries of Asia. They themselves were fully convinced with the ideology and principles of Juche which very strongly advocated the principle that the “man is the master of his destiny”. They saw the vitality and strength of this philosophy as the humanity as a whole had always been oppressed and suppressed by the strong and cunning under the pretext that their subjugated and miserable condition was their destiny writ large by the Almighty and hence they should meekly bow their head before the will of the Providence. In the context of Korea we know that Japanese had occupied Korea and kept it under bondage for about 50 years in the first half of 20th century, trying to brainwash them with the message that their enslavement was their destiny and the will of god.

And then rose from the ground level a great warrior, liberator and statesman who awakened the people and brought home to them that they were the masters of their own destiny and that they were inferior to none and hence they should fight against the ruthless Japanese who had occupied their homeland by deceit, and cunning. In short the Great Leader Kim Il Sung brought awakening among the Koreans and they fought gallantly in spite of all the handicaps and drove out the Japanese lock stock and barrel from the sacred Fatherland.

In order to wake up his people from the stupor that the Japanese rule over them was the will of God President Kim IL Sung floated the universal sublime Idea of Juche. This in brief is the back ground of this noble and sublime philosophy to summarize it very briefly its basic principles are:

1ndependence: President Kim Il Sung says “Independence is an attribute of man who is desirous of living freely as master of the world”.

Creativity:  President says “Creativity is a quality of man who transforms the world in keeping with his independent aspirations and requirements”.

Consciousness: “Consciousness is an attribute of man which determines all his endeavors to understand and reshape the world and himself. President Kim Il Sung considered consciousness in close relation with independence and creativity- the essential attributes of man….”

So the principle of Juche Philosophy is relevant for all the oppressed, subjugated and exploited people all over the world, it is universal in its nature. Its universal appeal and validity caught the attention of all right minded people A small group of scholars, philosophers and statesmen then took up the cause and in the interest of the entire oppressed suppressed and exploited people spread all over the world thought to disseminate and propagate this philosophy far and wide . In brief with this back ground the thinkers founded Asian Regional Institute of Juche Idea (ARIJI) so that the common man can be benefited from this philosophy and break himself free from the chains that have shackled him from times immemorial.

We can summaries its history in the following words:

The founder member: Dr. Vishwa Nath, (India) an ardent Juche follower, an eminent scholar and a very great visionary along with some scholars and outstanding statesmen and thinkers established this August Body in 1980. It was registered under the Indian Society Act of 1860 with its Head Office at New Delhi, India. In order to spread the message in different countries the Apex Body made the provision of having Directors in Different Asian Countries. These Directors were to act as flag bearers in their own countries to spread the message at the grass root level.





  • To disseminate its laudable principles among the people
  • To reach the people and tell them about this philosophy
  • To involve as many people as possible
  • To do all this on voluntary basis, on their own without any outside compulsion or pressure


  • To discuss this ideology in small groups
  • To hold street corner meetings and talks about this ideology
  • To hold Seminars 
  • To hold Conferences and arrange talks by the Juche thinkers
  • To invite and involve common people in these events and seek their participation

Celebrating Important Days like

  • Birthday of Eternal President   Kim Il Sung
  • Birthday of Eternal General Secretary Kim Jong Il
  • Birthday of Marshal Kim Jong Un
  • Independence Day of Korea
  • Foundation Day of Workers’ Party of Korea
  • Death Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung
  • Death Anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il
  • Commemorate any other events etc.
  • To arrange talks and lectures by eminent thinkers on Juche Idea.
  • To try to communicate the message to the youths of the area (arranging talks in schools and colleges etc).
  • To arrange photo exhibitions etc.

In addition to the above the local units may take other measures suitable to their areas. The main purpose is to spread this message and make people aware of it: the above programs are just suggestive.

To conclude the ARIJI is a body of Juche philosophers founded to disseminate and propagate the Sublime Juche Philosophy in different countries of Asia with the active help of the Regional Directors in their countries or regions for the good of the oppressed and exploited people. 





1. Prof. (Dr.) Harish Gupta

Director General


2. Mr. Duminduwardane

Deputy Director General

Sri Lanka 

3. Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Secretary General


4. Mr. Subash Srestha

Deputy Secretary General


5. Prof. Le Masaji



6. Mr. Song Chit



7. Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Pathak



8. Mashbat Otgonbayar Sarlagtan



9. Mr. Javed Ansari



10. Mr. Qamrul Huda



In addition to the above keeping in view their stature, status, eminence, scholarship and devotion to Juche Idea the following have also been inducted

Hon’ble Justice Vijender Jain

Chief Patron

(Chairman, Human Rights Commission, Haryana and Uttarakhand States of India)

Shri. Mangat Ram Singhal


(Former Cabinet Minister for Social Welfare, Labour & Employment, Law Justice & Legislative Affairs and Elections  of NCT of Delhi, India)

Mr.  R .A . Pradeep Wijerathnasekara


(An  Eminent   Social  and  Political  figure  from  Sri  Lanka)

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